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Customer Service

“Proud to have our customers walk all over us”

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Leave your commercial flooring project in our hands and you will receive:


Personalised Account ManagementAccount Manager 2 ws

As a key customer, we will provide you with a dedicated Account Manager for your commercial flooring project.

Your Account Manager will be available to answer any questions you may have as work progresses and ensure that we are coordinating our work to fit in with your unique requirements.

With the same person as your personal point of contact for each project, we will really get to know you and be able to anticipate your company’s needs.


Health and Safety wsA Focus on Health and Safety

Safety is as important to us as it is to you.

We differentiate ourselves by having a dedicated Health and Safety Manager to provide an unwavering focus on Health and Safety compliance, culture and best practice for your commercial flooring project.

Our Health and Safety Manager will make sure that we are prequalified to meet your standards before work commences, and then confirm ongoing compliance via weekly site inspections.

This practice, and our strong focus on safety discussions and BCITO safety training, have all contributed to our lack of serious harm incidents on every project to date.


Night work

We perform night work so our customers can stay open during the day

Disruption Minimisation

At Hills Commercial Floors, we understand that the only thing you want underfoot is a top-quality floor!

We therefore go the extra mile to minimise disruption during substrate preparation and flooring installation, particularly when work is being completed in an operational environment.

Your Key Account Manager will liaise with you before and during your commercial flooring project to identify and meet your specific needs.

Some of the solutions we can employ to minimise disruption include:

  • Site isolation and containment via plastic sheeting and barriers
  • Out-of-hours work, including late nights and weekends
  • Equipment selection – all of our gear is kitted out with vacuum systems to reduce dust.

Please see our portfolio for evidence of the success of these measures for our customers to date.

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