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ACTiVA Rubber Flooring

activa_logo_smooth_blackCMYK small wsACTiVA Rubber Flooring is the latest evolution in rubber flooring, born from over 60 years of experience by international manufacturer, PRF Group. Its high quality makes it sought after for use in facilities worldwide.

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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - an example of the stunning visual effect of ACTiVA Rubber Flooring

Stunning visual effect of ACTiVA Rubber Flooring at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Why Use ACTiVA Rubber Flooring?


  • best value over time due to its long lifecycle and low maintenance

  • flexibility and resilience reduces fatigue from standing and walking
 Checkbox_clip_art_smallFire Safe

  • excellent performance against international standards for fire behaviour, smoke emission and toxicity of smoke

  • comes with a 10-Year Limited Wear Warranty
  • made to last without wearing, cracking or breaking
 Checkbox_clip_art_small Unique Aesthetic and Sensorial Appeal

  • stands out with a different look and feel from any other flooring type
 Checkbox_clip_art_smallSound Absorbent

  • highly-flexible compounds create a low-noise environment

  • naturally hygienic, non-porous surface

  • fulfils ADA requirements for slip resistance
 Checkbox_clip_art_smallLow Maintenance

  • compounds and patterns are designed to prevent build-ups
  • self-waxing agents maintain lustre
 Checkbox_clip_art_smallEnvironmentally Friendly

  • ecological raw materials
  • processes and final products free from hazardous materials


Hills Commercial Floors is the exclusive New Zealand stockist of ACTiVA Rubber Flooring. This means immediate access to the rubber flooring product you want – without lengthy lead times and delays.

Take a look at the exciting ACTiVA Rubber Flooring products we have in stock and contact us to find out how they could transform your flooring project.


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